Before register

Read this short text, please:

Firstly, if you do not intend to intervene a minimum (comments, forum, images), registration will not necessary. It gives some advantages, but you can almost do the same thing being visitor.

However, it gives some possibilities, but unless the Member + and higher.

An account user can:
  • The possibility to have a personal profile (only visible to members).
  • The possibility of create threads in the forum.
  • Give access to the Iki-w link reducer.
  • Create customizable Blogs.
  • Manage your collection of books (manga, comics, novels, etc..) with Collection.

To become a Member + , you must participate a minimum to the site and have at least 10 visits (days) at your counter.

Important :
All insults or any degradation of the site will result in sanctions, or a blockage of your account. This applies to any part of the site: comments, forum, chatbox, collections…

Accounts are considered inactive after 8 weeks without visits.

“Sorry, for the incomplete translation in english of the interface. I search help for complete and a better translation.”

To begin your registration: